Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Tanka or Why I Love my Dogs

I was awakened rudely by my favorite Border Collies last night. They had one of their frequent mid-morning meetings with the neighbor dogs, though it was more likely a party since it was Friday night after all. They barked and barked, then took a break. In the pre-dawn quiet, I heard owls hooting. A pleasant sound! Calming. Soothing. Lulling me back to sleep... when the barking began again. Drats! (Not what I really thought). I was awake. So, being wide awake and not wanting to confront or contemplate the usual mixed bag of my rambling mind I did what any rational human does in a cold, dark room when they should be and wished they were sleeping. I began counting syllables.

3:50 a.m.
Incessant barking disturbs
a peaceful slumber.
Hooting owls soothe my brain but
I count syllables, not sheep.

This tanka (5/7/5/7/7 syllables per line) began life as a haiku (5/7/5 syllables per line). I had three or four third lines but only now remember one which is definitely not Vegan. I apologize, Mary. I offer it here to show that I was not pleased at having been awoken for the third time in a week by my partying pets. The line was "dog chops, anyone?"

Know that I truly love our dogs, but after these two lovely mutts pass on one day to the great Dog Farm in the Sky, I will never again have another dog as a pet. I feel strongly about it, can you tell? My boys are nearly grown (and getting older every day!), so I can confidently assure you that there will be no tugs of the heart to convince me to get another dog as a pet, nor will I feel like I'm a bad Mom if I don't get the boys a doggy replacement when the time comes, as more than likely neither boy will live at home.

Cats, fine. I occasionally have my sleep interrupted by an errant cat who escaped the mudroom and forgot where it was, but she's 17 years old now and her days are limited. It's not a weekly thing, thank heavens. And honestly, she's not that loud. Our really lovey, favorite cat, Hobbes (don't tell me I shouldn't have a favorite--I already know this and do anyway), will be with us until the end of his days--for another dozen years or so. Cats are so easy compared to dogs. My post, my opinion.

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