Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Down, Up and In-between

A new year can feel exhilarating and so full of promise.

We're barely into 2008 but we've had enough 'life experience' that it seems the first month should be over. Bring on February, please.

We knew this month would prove challenging; our new individual "L" (male, age 37) moved in 12/29 and we're knee deep in adapting to new schedules, meds, and appointments, our oldest son began attending Virginia Western Community College two days a week (we are his sole transportation), and my husband is juggling giving guitar lessons (a newly condensed schedule) with helping with the new guy (and counting inventory at his music store). Simply put, we have a lot going on.

The year lost its zing and fresh appeal on the second day. I received one of those crappy phone calls, my Uncle had passed that morning. His death, at 54, was unexpected. In fact, when I heard the tone of my Mom's voice I thought she called to say my 89 year old Grandma had passed and braced myself (as I have been for a few years).

Instead of reorganizing my office (which we pulled apart New Year's Eve - Scott encouraged me to empty the room of every pile of paper and stack of 'stuff' to purge, file and organize), the first weekend of the year was spent driving 1000 miles to attend the viewing, funeral and burial of my Uncle. Spencer came along to share the driving and doubled his previous highway driving mileage (with noticeable improvement).

We returned home Sunday feeling physically and emotionally drained. Spencer's first day of college and a dr's appointment for the new guy were the next day.

The last two weeks have been a blur and the few dreams I've had have been weird.

We're getting better at the new routines and I'm keeping up with double paperwork. We've lined up regular respite care two days each week for the new guy (with his previous Providers). Emerson (youngest son) has been a trooper. I'm slogging through stacks of my jun--stuff wondering why I keep so darn much and doing my level best to listen to my sweet husband who was born Naturally Organized. We've watched some football (understatement), whoo-hoo Patriots! I talked to my Aunt last Thursday, she feels numb but is surrounded by caring friends and family. Thank heavens. Spencer takes the road test for his license this Friday and inventory is complete at The Pickin' Porch and the store is up for sale. Fingers crossed!