Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lone June Post

My brain has been stuck in mired muck since late May. But if you're the type that doesn't like to be left in the dark, especially when someone brought it up (me neither), let's say it involves everything from the grandiose (Peak Oil, the faltering economy), to the sublime (living with a bad haircut), to the gray middle in-between (which, I'm sorry to say, I can't reveal what I originally wrote here.) I had my husband preview this post. He remarked "Oh honey, I don't know. I think you better let it sit overnight," which meant that I should be less honest and change my post.

Everything on my mind was something that occurred that I probably should not publish. Blogs are interesting that way. How much can you or will you reveal about yourself, your family, your job? There's honesty and then there's HONESTY. It's a fine line.

In the writing book previously mentioned, it said to get every story, every item you want to discuss, out of your head. Don't leave it in your brain to gather dust like useless clutter. Write what you can't tell the world, even if you have to change names or alter the story. The author further suggested putting it on paper but not publish until a later date when it's "safe." I'd prefer to be 110% honest so that is my only option. I'll pull it out of my head because this brain clutter has been attracting snarling dust bunnies with glowing eyes. I'll put it in a notebook and gladly lose it. Years later I'll unearth the notebook. By then it should matter less, as I wish it did now.

But it is summer and the living is easy. Above is a picture of milkweed taken earlier, followed by our blueberries. We picked 5 gallons of blues on our Opening Day last Wednesday June 25. I love picking blueberries. Time will tell if we surpass our 2005 & 2006 total of 18 gallons. It looks to be a bumper crop, which we all deserve since the pre-Easter freeze of 2007 left Floyd County without fruit.