Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Almost Spring Cleaning

Yes, indeed. It's almost Spring, wahoo! We have tackled major house cleaning for a visit by my Dad, not for the return of Spring. A relative is coming to visit!

There are various levels of cleaning:

1. Cleaning for Everyday - vacuuming downstairs & putting stuff away and/or stowing it somewhere to put away later.

2. Cleaning on Sunday - add bathrooms, putting away stuff on the stairway, seasonal yard work, and vacuuming upstairs every other weekend.

3. Cleaning for a Job-related Visit or Friends - add bathrooms the day of the meeting, put on a fresh tablecloth on the kitchen table, double-check the downstairs is 'tidy,' make the boys' put away belongings, maybe even light a candle or make a pot of tea, and last...

4. Cleaning for a visit from family - add dusting (my favorite!), wipe down woodwork & kitchen cabinets, clean the fridge, mop the kitchen floor, eliminate leftover dust bunnies & cobwebs from under beds and high on the ceiling--including standing on tiptoes on the bed or at the top of the stairs to dust ceiling fans, put away 'stuff' scattered about the farm, and in general give the place the illusion of a clean and clutter-free home....

Cleaning for relatives is a killer.

My Dad isn't getting the full treatment that was given for a visit by my Sister last July, my Aunt & Uncle last August and for my Mom & Step-Dad last November. We cleaned for five days before my sister & mom got here. "We" was mostly me, with assistance from The Guys. Scott always cleans the fridge for which I am grateful.

This time we cleaned for two days. Maybe it was because of those visits that we didn't need to clean as much, or it could be that we weren't such filthy people this winter.

The house almost looks good enough to sell, in an 'as is,' this is Floyd kind of way.

Scott's parents are coming late May. We'll add 'pressure clean the outside' to #4. There'll be colorful flowers and the grass and trees will be green. The illusion of the bucolic farmhouse in the country will be in full force, and as it is said, may the force be with you.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Summer of 44 to 45

[Note: This was a draft post written 7/13/07. Today I decided "What the h*ll, why not?!" That statement reflects my current frame of mind and is apropos.]

I spent the month of June wearing lavender, or at least I tried. In July, it's red. Today it's red with hot pink--with purple eye pencil to boot. And I think I look good!

I'm too young for the purple and red hat ladies, but I'm getting there. I eyed my dark pink pants in my closet and this funky red sweater I recently picked up at Goodwill (my favorite store), and thought, "Hey, how about wearing that new cool sweater with them?"

Red and pink usually go together only on Valentine's cards. Not today. So simple that wearing something like red and pink together makes me feel like George in that semi-famous line from Seinfeld, "I'm out there, Jerry, and I'm loving it!!"
[Photo courtesy of freelancebloke at Flickr]