Saturday, October 20, 2007

Struggling 'blogger' surfaces...

to write another day. That would be me. I start, get on a roll and stop. Repeat. Why? I don't know. Part of it is my frenetic life but I'll spare you the details (some of which make it into a post here and there), yet don't we all have crazy lives? Some are crazier than others.

Part of my lack of blogging is that I expect too much of myself. Yes, darn high expectations get me every time. I think I need to write a wonderful essay for each and every post. Some bloggers do, some don't. Some write a thought in a few sentences, perhaps add a photo and that is a daily post. That doesn't seem right for me. If you've read any of my previous posts you'll see that I struggle with brevity. Some writers get their point across in a sentence whereas I take a paragraph--or two. I wanted 'to learn brevity' in '07 and have exactly 71 days left. No rush, no pressure. As farmers say, maybe next year.

Another 'issue' I have with blogging is that it's called a blog, for Pete's sake (where did that expression come from and who was Pete?). What is a blog? You probably know that it's a hybrid blend of the words web and log, but to say you're a 'blogger' means what, really? Every time I've said 'I blog,' what I would rather say is, "I write short essays that I post online even if only twenty-nine people--on a good day--read it." But that sounds pretentious and it's a mouthful.

Every time I get on a roll and start to think that I might be a blogger, that I have potential, I allow my crazy wife-mom-of-two-sons-full-time-foster-care-provider life to take over. The Critic in my head stands up and crankily shouts, "What the hell are you doing trying to write?" The critic continues, though I wish it would shut up, "You should clean the house, make dinner, do your paperwork or drive A to Z." Writing usually takes last priority, thus I can't possibly be a writer. Writers make writing a top priority and always find time to write. Whole books have been written on that subject.

My last issue with blogging (I really don't like that word), is I've come to believe that I need to do it under my own name instead of hiding behind my vices. Dark Chocolate and Red Wine is a title I like, but I don't write exclusively about either of them. The Lisa Kae Van Meter Perry site is too long to say, search or find even if it is my full name. Lisa Perry doesn't fully describe me. LisaKVPerry might work. Scott's Wife might even work, since half of Floyd knows me as such. Imagine finally 'making it' one day and being introduced at a conference or on a talk show...and our next presenter/guest is Scott's Wife!

Stay tuned.